Welcome to the new Cambridge Arcade Repair arcade game and pinball machine tech center and online store.

Long ago, this site existed as rgvac.978.org, but when the hard drive on my webserver crashed, the data went with it, and all I was left with was mirrors that other arcade collectors and web spiders had made. Various people have been bugging me for years to put a website back up and make up a list of available products. Thanks to some hosting and content management advice from Adam over at onecircuit.com, this beta site has gone live.

Please be patient as I (slowly) populate the store and tech section. The store and cart should be fully functional but payments have not yet gone live, stock numbers have not been entered, and shipping estimates will likely take some time to sort out, so if you need something, feel free to contact me at cambridgearcade@gmail.com.



Ribbon Cable Tester


This (up to) 60-pin ribbon cable tester is JAMMA powered (or add your own 4.5V battery pack). It works for standard single and double row .1" connectors, and has provisions for .6" DIP ribbon cable connectors on the back side.

Odd and even pins are powered separately, allowing the tester to detect both open connections (LEDs don't light) or shorts in the cable due to miscrimps (LEDs in the wrong column light).

A quickie demonstration video is posted here.

Price: $50.00

JAMMA in Rockola (Nibbler) Cabinet Adapter


This adapter lets you play JAMMA boards including the Rockola multigame in your Nibbler, Vanguard, Fantasy, or Pioneer Balloon cabinet.
Only Vanguard supplies -5V in the harness, so other cabinets can only use JAMMA boards which do not need -5V.

Price: $40.00

JAMMA in Jump Bug Cabinet Adapter


This adapter lets you play JAMMA board (including the Rockola multigame) in a Jump Bug cabinet.
The Jump Bug harness does not supply -5V, so only JAMMA boards that do not need -5V are supported.

Price: $40.00

JAMMA in Super Pacman Cabinet Adapter


This adapter lets you play JAMMA boards including multigames in your Super Pacman cabinet.

Price: $35.00

Xevious to JAMMA Adapter


This adapter lets you play Atari's Xevious in a standard JAMMA cabinet.
An audio amplifier is built into the adapter, and the video board connector is attached with a ribbon cable.

Price: $60.00

SNK84 to JAMMA Adapter


This adapter lets you play 1984-era SNK PCBs in a standard JAMMA cabinet. The majority of the wiring goes through a direct plug 2x20pin header with .156" pigtails for power.

Supported games include Vanguard II, Mad Crasher, Joyful Road, Munch Mobile, Marvins Maze, and others.

Price: $50.00

Trackball Cable for JAMMA Adapters


This cable mates with various JAMMA adapters with trackball support, allowing you to connect a trackball with standard 6-pin .093 molex connector to the adapter to test the trackball inputs and play the games.

Price: $10.00


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