Ikari Warriors to JAMMA Adapter


This adapter allows you play various SNK games in a standard JAMMA cabinet.

Supported games include Ikari Warriors, Gladiator, Alpha Mission, Arian Mission, ASO, and TNK III.
LS-30 games still require the separate harness going from the rotary joysticks to the PCB, as the JAMMA standard doesn't support these signals.

Price: $40.00

Willams Sound Board ROM Strapping

Early (narrow) pinball / Defender sound boards can be strapped for 6341 (512x8), 6381 (1kx8) or 2716 (2kx8).
Later (square) sound boards can also be strapped for 2532 (2kx8). By adding jumpers to undocumented locations, 2732 is also possible.

First column shows the desired chip pin connections
Second column shows the jumpering for later sound boards with explanations.
Third column shows the jumpering for early sound boards.

18 = CE4      W3  = A11   J18 = A9
19 = CE3          = A10   J16 = VMA
20 = ~CE2         = ~CE       = ~A11
21 = ~CE1     W11 = ~VMA  J14 = ~A10
22 = n/c      W6  = Vcc   J11 = Vcc

18 = CE4      W3  = A11   J18 = A9
19 = CE3          = A10   J16 = VMA
20 = ~CE2                     = ~A11
21 = ~CE1                 J14 = ~A10
22 = A9       W5  = A9    J12 = A9

18 = ~EN      W2  = ~A11  J17 = Gnd
19 = A10          = A10   J15 = A10
20 = ~OE          = ~CE       = ~A11
21 = Vpp      W10 = VMA   J13 = VMA
22 = A9       W5  = A9    J12 = A9

18 = A11      W3  = A11
19 = A10          = A10
20 = ~CE          = ~CE
21 = Vpp/~OE  W11 = ~VMA
22 = A9       W5  = A9

18 = ~CE          = ~VMA  (isolated pin of W11 to common pin of W3)
19 = A10          = A10
20 = Vpp/~OE      = ~CE
21 = A11          = A11   (isolated pin of W3 to common pin of W11)
22 = A9       W5  = A9

Rally-X to JAMMA Adapter


This adapter allows you to play Rally-X (and New Rally-X) in a JAMMA cabinet.

Price: $45.00

Burgertime / Bump 'n' Jump to JAMMA Adapter


This adapter is jumper-selectable to play Burgertime or Bump 'n' Jump (and some other Data East / DECO games) in a JAMMA cabinet. The video board edge connector is attached with a ribbon cable.

Several DECO games use similar pinouts but there are difference in power wiring, so a jumper selects whether -5V (Burgertime) or Ground (Bump 'n' Jump) goes to pin 3 on the main connector. Other games may require different connections to this pin which may be hard-wired.

Price: $65.00

Hobby Lobby "ARCADE" Sign Lighting Kit


This kit adds dynamic lighting to the ARCADE Arrow signs sold at Hobby Lobby to mimic the appearance of a midway marquee sign.

Price: $150.00

Cliffhanger UIB / VMB Set


Cliffhanger and Goal to Go laserdisc games use the Video Multiplexor Board (VMB) to sync and merge the video from the laserdisc with the overlay from the Graphics & Sound Interface (GSI) board. The User Interface Board sits under the control panel and switches control data onto the ZPU external data bus. Both of these boards are requred for the games to play, and they're often lost or damaged.

These boards are compact redesigns of the original hardware, and have all been tested in an original cabinet.

Price: $125.00


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