JAMMA Testbench Adapter (w/ 2 DPADs)


This adapter is powered by a standard AT computer power supply, with connectors for video, speaker, and player controls.

Each player control header runs the coin, start, joystick and 5 button inputs per player to DPADs so all of the inputs can on PCBs can be tested and so games can be played easily right on your test bench. The DPAD boards also include power LEDs.

The full kit includes the main board with the JAMMA connector, 2 fully populated DPADs ,and 2 80cm cables to connect the DPADs.

This adapter can be used with any JAMMA adapter to test/play non-JAMMA PCBs.

Price: $80.00

Century / CVS to JAMMA Adapter


This adapter lets you play Century CVS games in a standard JAMMA cabinet. The adapter replaces the diode matrix board with buffered TTL logic so the switched grounds to different control elements are no longer required, and includes 2 power cables, a video cable, and a multiplexed input cable.

Supported games include Cosmos, Dark Warrior, Space Fortress, Video Eight Ball, Logger, Dazzler, Wall Street, Radar Zone, Outline, Gold Bug, Digger, Heart Attack, Hunchback, Superbike, Raiders, Hunchback, and others.

Price: $60.00

Cliffhanger UIB + VMB Package


Both of these boards are required for a full Cliffhanger cabinet to operate.

The Cliffhanger UIB (user interface board) decodes the various control inputs via a diode matrix.
The Cliffhanger VMB (video multiplexer board) switches between PCB-generated video and video from the laserdisc player to enable text overlays.

Both boards were redesigned to be much smaller than the originals, and are available in limited quantities.

Price: $125.00

Daphne USB Scoreboard Dongle


This board interfaces to the 16-pin Dragon's Lair scoreboard connector to micro-USB to run Daphne on newer computers that lack a parallel port.

Open source patches to Daphne are available along with pre-compiled binaries for Linux and RaspberryPi. Both ports require libusb and libftdi1 to be installed to operate.

A Windows version is not yet available due to difficulties getting Daphne to build on a recent version of Visual Studio, but one may be available in the future.

Price: $60.00

Space Ace Conversion Annunciator Board


This board installs directly onto the scoreboard connector of an original dragon's lair PCB, and it used to illuminate the LEDs on the start buttons for a Space Ace cabinet that was converted from Dragon's Lair.

It can also be built with a male input connector instead of right angle female if you prefer to use the short 16-pin cable, or for Daphne applications.

Price: $50.00

Space Ace Dedicated Annunciator Board


This board installs in the speaker panel of a dedicated Space Ace Cabinet to illuminate the skill level being played.
This board uses colored LEDs rather than white lamps, so it is lower power than the original, and also adds parallel port functionality for Daphne Cabinets.

Price: $75.00

JAMMA in Track & Field Cabinet Adapter


This adapter allows you to play JAMMA boards in a Track & Field or Hypersports cabinet, and to use a JAMMA switcher with JAMMA adapters to make a Track & Field + Hypersports (+ others) multigame.
The pinout is optimized to match other similar JAMMA games and to allow more sensible wiring for the 3rd and 4th players, and is available in the tech docs.

Price: $40.00

Track & Field to JAMMA Adapter


This adapter allows you to play Track & Field and Hypersports in a standard JAMMA cabinet.
The pinout is optimized to match other similar JAMMA games and to allow more sensible wiring for the 3rd and 4th players, and is available in the tech docs.

Price: $40.00

7-in-1 Multigame P3/4 Switch Board


This board uses a diode matrix to distribute player 3 and 4 controls for 15-pin Konami-style boards for use with PCB switcher kits.
For a far cheaper option, buy the bare board for $15 or a full kit with the headers and diodes for $25, and assemble it yourself!

Price: $50.00


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