ATX to Midway 90412 Power Supply Adapter


This adapter allows you to use a standard ATX computer power supply in your Midway MCR cabinet, to replace the very problematic 90412 power supply. The board includes a power-on reset circuit as required by the MCR series of boards, and has a coin-cell battery backup (mounted on the back) to retain high scores when the game is powered off.

MCR games do not use -5V so newer ATX supplies that lack -5V will work with this adapter.

Price: $45.00

Quantum in Tempest Cabinet Adapter


This adapter allows you to test and play Quantum in a Tempest Cabinet. Extra wiring needs to be added to the harness to support the second track ball axis.
This is very old stock and will not be re-fabricated when it sells out.

Price: $50.00

Sega System 8 to JAMMA Adapter


This adapter allows you to play games with the Sega System 8 pinout in a standard JAMMA cabinet (including the Midway Six-Pack games).

Games supported include Bull Fight, Choplifter, Flicky, Gigas, Mr. Viking, My Hero, Ninja, Ninja Princess, Pitfall (series), Regulus, SWAT, Up 'n' Down, Water Match, Wonder Boy, Wonder Boy Deluxe, Wonder Boy II - Monster Land, and others.

Price: $35.00

Dig Dug to JAMMA Adpater


This adapter allows you to play Atari's version of Dig Dug in a JAMMA cabinet. The board includes an integrated audio amplifier and volume control pot.

Price: $45.00

Color Vector Monitor Extension Cable (1.5 foot)


This 1.5' cable extends the monitor harness on your Atari color vector game. It is a replacement for the stock extension cable in many Atari vector cabinets. This cable works for both Wells Gardner 19K6100 19K6400, and Amplifone color vector monitors.

This is a heavy duty cable constructed with 16ga shielded twisted pairs for improved signal integrity, and separate 3 wire 14ga power cable.

Price: $20.00


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