Fingerboard (w/ Audio Amp)


This fingerboard includes an integrated single channel audio amplifier (fully populated, unlike the picture) for building JAMMA adapters for games that output unamplified audio.

Price: $10.00

Fingerboard (Labelled)


This fingerboard has all of the pin names labelled in copper to help you wire up your own JAMMA adapters without making any mistakes.

Price: $5.00

Cloak & Dagger to JAMMA Adapter


This board allows you to play Atari's Cloak & Dagger (Agent X) in a standard JAMMA cabinet. The adapter plugs directly into the 3 boardset edge connectors, replacing the RF filter board. An audio amplifier is included on the board.

Price: $75.00

Falcon to JAMMA Adapter


This PCB allows you to play games with the 18-pin Falcon pinout in a standard JAMMA cabinet. Supported games include Make Trax, Crazy Kong, bootleg Ms. Pacmans, and many others.

Price: $35.00

Dragon's Lair Switchable ROM Board


This replaces the original ROM board used in Dragon's Lair / Space Ace and includes DIP switches to select from up to 16 different ROM revisions to play different games.
Default configuration is Dragon's Lair (Original), Dragon's Lair Enhancement, Space Ace (Original), and Space Ace Enhancement, but other configurations are available on request.

Price: $50.00

Zuper ZPU (ZZPU) Berzerk + Frenzy Multigame


This incredible board replaces the ZPU-1000 or ZPU-1001 in your Berzerk or Frenzy arcade game and allows you to play both games at the press of a button. As an added bonus your high scores are saved in a non-volatile RAM with no batteries required.

The (additional) P1+P2 Switcher cable plugs into the harness and allows you to switch between games by pressing P1 and P2 simultaneously.

Price: $200.00

Dragon's Lair Scoreboard


This LED display is used in Dragon's Lair, Space Ace, and Thayer's Quest laserdisc arcade games.
It adds parallel port functionality for use with Daphne emulations cabinets as well.

The currently available version has a black PCB with grey-faced LED digits.

Price: $100.00

Williams System 11A LED Pinball Display


This LED display replaces the plasma displays used in many System 11a era Williams and Data East games such as F14 and Fire. These displays are redder than the original orange plasma displays and the digit size is slightly larger.

Price: $125.00

Atari AVG (Analog Vector Generator) Chip Replacement


This daughterboard replaces the Atari AVG ASIC (137179-001) used on many Atari color vector PCBs. It has been tested with Gravitar, Black Widow, Major Havoc, and Quantum.

Price: $30.00

LV6100 (10-pack)


The LV6100 (aka LV2000) is a replacement for the low-voltage regulator circuit on the Wells Gardner 19K6100 color vector monitor. Unlike other solutions, this board had +/- 24V fixed regulators (as used on the Amplifone) so there are no adjustments to make and the voltages will not drift over time.

Save money by buying 10!

Price: $200.00


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