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Pole Position to JAMMA Adapter


This adapter lets you play Atari's Pole Position and Pole Position II (and likely the FPGA replacements) in a standard JAMMA cabinet.

The base configuration consists of a single audio amp carrying all four audio channels (since JAMMA is inherently mono), but I can also build them with 2 audio amps as in the original cabinets, with SPK+ carrying 2 channels and SPK- carrying the other 2. You'll have to add separate grounding for the speakers for a stereo configuration.

There is a separate analog connector for gas/brake, and a 4-pin opto connector for the steering wheel.

Specify whether you want the 30-pin connector installed for a 2-board original configuration or the single board repro (or both)

List price: $75.00
Price: $75.00
Weight: 4 oz
Dimensions: 8 in × 2 in × 1 in