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ATX to Midway 90412 Power Supply Adapter


This adapter allows you to use a standard ATX computer power supply in your Midway MCR cabinet, to replace the very problematic 90412 power supply. The board includes a power-on reset circuit as required by the MCR series of boards, and has a coin-cell battery backup (mounted on the back) to retain high scores when the game is powered off.

MCR games do not use -5V so newer ATX supplies that lack -5V will work with this adapter.

Unlike other products that rectify AC from the transformer to generate the voltage for the audio amp, and are highly susceptible to 120Hz noise from the AC feed through, this adapter filters the 12V DC from the switcher (operating in the 10s of kHz) allowing the noise to be filtered far more easily. MCR cabinets are poorly designed though so the audio circuits are still susceptible to noise from AC wiring coupling into the unamplified audio lines between the SSIO and the audio amp board and between the SSIO and the volume pot.

List price: $0.00
Price: $45.00
Weight: 8 oz
Dimensions: 3 in × 3 in × 1.5 in